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Fab + Fit Personalized Weekly Meal Planning Service

Hey, lovely!!

Thank you for signing up for the Fab + Fit Personalized Meal Planning Service!

I look forward to supporting you with a nutritious and delicious meal plan delivered to your inbox weekly!

How can my personalized meal planning service support your health and lifestyle goals?

1) Saves you time during the week when you're either too busy or too tired to prepare a meal. Meal prepping can help you cook once and eat all week!!

2) Takes the guess work out of what to eat. You will have a professionally designed, easy-to-follow meal plan with recipes and a grocery shopping list delivered to your inbox weekly

Yeah for having structure!!

2) Helps you stay on track with your goals. You meal plan with be personalized to help you reach your weight loss goals

Your meal plan will be created based on the amount of calories you need to lose weight

I will factor in your gender, age, height, and current weight to design a meal plan that can help you lose 1-2 pounds per week, depending on your starting weight

3) Gives you variety! Skip searching online for recipes. I will do that for you and make sure your meals are delicious, nutritionally-balanced, fit your weight-loss goals and food preferences

I have over 5,000 recipes (and no, that was not a typo!) to add to your plan with new recipes added weekly. So I am confident you won't get bored with your meals!

Your grocery list will be itemized so you can be in and out of the store in a flash!

4) Helps you save money! With meals prepped, you can avoid fast food, vending machines, ordering in or dining out

Here's what my fabulous clients are saying about their personalized meal plans!

“I also know to weigh my food and the importance of not only healthy foods, but portion control.” K. Bailey – Philadelphia, PA

“Nutrition does play a key role but it’s not bland and boring food” Chef P. Sykes – Menifee, CA

“I assumed that the meals provided in the plan would be bland but they were surprisingly enjoyable to myself and members of my household that aren't on a fitness journey.” A. Young – Seattle, WA

“I have LEARNED Discipline and Consistency – I now have a WORKABLE eating plan that helps reduce uncontrolled past behavior. Saving treats for the Weekend has helped balance my out of control eating habits.” – P. McRae – Seattle, WA

After receiving week #1 meal plan

“I’m really enjoying this meal plan! Lovely recipes and super delicious!” N. Asbury – Boston, MA

After receiving week #2 meal plan

“I can’t wait to see and try new meals. I have been having so much fun this week.” N. Asbury – Boston, MA 

After receiving week #3 meal plan

“I love the meals and options and was sharing your website link and information with a friend last night!” N. Asbury – Boston, MA

After receiving week #4 meal plan

“Definitely in a better mood, with more happy energy and better looking skin!” This client enjoys the weekly meal plans “for ease and the better feeling of knowing I have a plan in place” N. Asbury – Boston, MA

“I love the meal plans!” S. Phillips – Seattle, WA

"The recipes are quick and easy as well!" - K. Hunt - Seattle, WA


Here's what's included in my meal planning service:

  • 5-Day Weekly Meal Plan Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + Snacks. Meal Plan is based on your calorie needs + food preferences
  • Itemized Grocery List
  • Recipes with Photo's + Instructions + Nutrition Information+ Recommendations for Substitutions & Leftovers
  • Clean Eating + Nutrition Guide - Build a foundation for long-term change by learning the basics of Macronutrients, Portion Control, Dining Out, etc.

In advance of me creating your weekly meal plan, I will ask you what worked or what we need to tweak so that you're getting a meal plan that you want to stick to!

Starting with the basics of meal prepping is what makes this journey a lifestyle change and not another quick fix!

I encourage you to review your weekly meal plan and take note of the nutrition information, portion sizes and how the meals are structured (with protein, carbs, fats, and fiber) so you can eventually create your own healthy meals with what you've gained from this experience!

Plus, you will be surprised to learn how easy meal prepping actually is!

Payment Agreement – Month-to-month agreement. One (1) payment of $99, securely processed via PayPal

NEXT STEPS: Make your payment for your meal plan

Once I receive confirmation of your payment you will be emailed a link to schedule your initial Meal Plan Assessment session (30 minutes)

The purpose of the assessment is to learn more about your goals and current eating habits, the kitchen gadgets you have available, your food preferences, allergies or intolerance's and what day you would like to receive your weekly meal plan

Please contact me with any questions!

Yours in wellness,

Sharae Jenkins, MBA

I'm a Certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Blogger and Owner of Fab + Fit Health Coaching, LLC!

I am passionate about helping career women who struggle losing weight create effective and sustainable lifestyle changes while eating food they enjoy!

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Thank you for selecting the Fab + Fit Custom Meal Planning Service!

I look forward to supporting you with nutritious and delicious meals delivered to your inbox weekly!

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