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"Spill the Tea: Sipping Inspiration for the Soul" Book Collaboration

"Spill the Tea: Sipping Inspiration for the Soul" is a collection of the best TEA to be shared about life. Inspiring stories and nuggets of wisdom that will sweeten every woman’s life. Sharing one's truth can set another person free and inspire her to soar into her greatness. It's teatime!

I am honored to be one of the eight authors in "Spill the Tea: Sipping Inspiration for the Soul!"

My chapter is entitled “Anything Worth Having is Worth Working For.” In this chapter, I am spillin’ the tea on what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off…. long term. I followed the fads, I fell for the quick fixes, I made the mistake so that you don’t have to. I present the basics and show you how to execute them so that you can stop dieting and start thriving! After reading this chapter, you will have a solid foundation to help you improve your nutrition, movement, and mindset!

Included with your book purchase from me is my Project Fit Body 5-Day Program! Included in this program is your meal plan, delicious recipes, grocery list, and prep guide to help you meal prep like a pro!

Did you think I was going to spill the tea without giving you a plan to start with?! I have you covered. Sip this tea and get Fab + Fit!

BOOK PRICE= $17.95

FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE! My 5-Day Project Fit Body Program (valued at $50)!

Sharae Jenkins, MBA, FNS, born and raised in Seattle, Washington is a Certified Nutritionist, Health & Weight Loss Coach, Blogger, Speaker, and Owner of Fab + Fit Health Coaching, LLC. Sharae began her health coaching practice out of her passion to help women who struggle losing weight, create effective and sustainable lifestyle changes so they can ditch dieting, have more energy, and regain their confidence! Her holistic coaching model helps you create healthier eating habits, find movement you enjoy, and strengthen your mindset.

Prior to starting her coaching practice, she experienced her own weight loss transformation by losing 60 pounds and keeping it off for over 13 years. She credits this achievement to her commitment to long-term health and vitality and having a “never quit” mentality!

Sharae offers a variety of services, including a 3-Month Group Coaching Program, Meal Planning Services, Recipe Collections, 7-Day Real Food Reset Program, Free eBooks, and Workshop Presentations.

She aspires to continue reaching women globally by empowering and equipping them to take control of their health, one meal, and one habit change at a time so that they can truly thrive!

Sharae is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Her hobbies include reading, shopping, working out, studying the Bible, visiting museums, and watching movies.

Spill The Tea - Sipping Inspiration For The Soul
Lead Author Kimberly Walker – Harrison

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