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Welcome to Fab + Fit Coaching: Let's Get Started!

Welcome to Fab + Fit Coaching: Let's Get Started!

Welcome to the Fab + Fit Family! I am grateful for you!

What’s My Commitment to YOU?

Let’s begin with my belief that you are the driver and I am the passenger with the road map to help guide you. You’ve developed certain habits over time that may no longer be serving your best interests. We will work together on developing your mindset and helping you create new habits that promote mind and body wellness

You are with yourself 24-hours a day. You know yourself better than anyone else. You have the answers in you that will lead to change. So our coaching sessions will be exploratory where I will be asking you questions to help us get to the core of the matter. Coaching is not about me telling you what to do and throwing a meal plan at you every week and telling you, you MUST follow it or else! This coaching relationship will be built on trust, honesty, and open communication. I want us to talk through the challenges and formulate an action plan that we both agree meets your needs. There is no one-size fits approach to coaching. So your experience will be unique to you.

I want you to feel welcome to share with me what’s working well and what needs improvement so we can course correct

 I’m committed to helping you get unstuck and creating a renewed mindset and habits that will improve your overall quality of life

Here’s What People Are Saying About my Health Coaching Programs!

Testimonial #1 - P.M. Seattle, WA – “Having a better understanding of the overall requirements of a Healthy Lifestyle helped me to change my perspective and focus on the whole life package instead of only weight. It gives me more to look forward to. I just couldn’t see that before. Thank you for your wise coaching.”

Testimonial - #2 A.Y. – Lynnwood, WA – “I found her to be very supportive and knowledgeable along the journey. I assumed that the meals provided would be bland, but they were surprisingly enjoyable for myself and members of my household who aren’t on a fitness journey. Our coaching sessions went beyond the normal ‘how much do you weigh this week’ conversation. They included all areas of wellness from sleep, mood monitoring, exercise and more.  I enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend Fab + Fit Coaching to others.”

Testimonial - #3 P.S Menifee, CA – “I can vouch for Sharae! She’s an amazing Health Coach. She’s helped me to see that being healthy is more than just nutrition and exercise. However, nutrition does play a key role but it’s not bland and boring food. There are key elements to get the total package ad she shows you those. Even after my time is up, I may have to sign up again. I love it that much.”

What’s Included:

  • Weekly, 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions either via phone, in person (if you’re local to Seattle), or Zoom Video
  • Goal Setting and Assessment so you can develop better habits that lead to positive behavior changes
  • Weekly, customized meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
    • Customized to meet your individual caloric needs, preferences, allergies, and intolerance's
    • Itemized grocery list to save you valuable time and energy while grocery shopping, recipes, and a meal prep cheat sheet with my top tips too make you a meal prep pro!
  • The Fab + Fit Lifestyle Guide! This 60+ page eBook covers EVERYTHING! Clean eating principles, nutrition basics, meal prepping/planning, how to eat at restaurants and travel with your goals in mind, mindful eating, overcoming emotional eating, self-care, and so much MORE!
  • Food Diary
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Measurement/Weight Tracker
  • Habit Tracker + 10 Healthy Habits to Track

Additional Forms:

  • Payment Arrangement Form - This form outlines the payment schedule. Your payment for coaching services was paid via PayPal. You should have received an email from PayPal that includes the payment details
  • Health Coaching Agreement Forms – Please sign both. Keep one for your records and email the other to me before our first session.

Program Investment:

Recurring monthly payments of $149 securely processed via PayPal for 3 months


Schedule 60 -minute goal setting and meal planning session – You will be emailed a link to schedule this session through my scheduling system, Acuity

Please contact me with any questions!

Yours in wellness,


(206) 719-7742

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